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              Principal Investigator Positions Open

              Jul 01, 2020

               The Shanghai Institute of Nutrition and Health (SINH) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) is a national institution of basic and applied research focusing on healthy aging, major chronic diseases, nutrition and food safety, with emphasis on application and biotechnology development. It was founded in 2016 by merging four institutes and two centers of the Shanghai Institutes for Biological Sciences, CAS.

              Focused on human nutrition and health, SINH conducts multiple activities with the goal of contributing to social and economic development: As a research organization, it carries out academic activities; as a think tank, it advises on national health-related policies; and as an educational institution, it develops the next generation of researchers.

              SINH comprises three CAS key laboratories, i.e., the CAS Key Laboratory of the Tissue Microenvironment and Tumor; the CAS Key Laboratory of Nutrition, Metabolism and Food Safety; and the CAS Key Laboratory of Computational Biology. It also includes several supporting units.

              The institute currently has around 60 research groups led by principal investigators recruited from around the world. Our faculty members include academicians from CAS and the Chinese Academy of Engineering as well as the National Excellent Young Scholars Program, etc. They are provided substantial ongoing support and an open and vibrant environment for innovation.

              Recruitment areas:
              1. Human nutrition, metabolism and epidemiology
              2. Nutrient sensing and metabolic regulation
              3. Toxicology and detection technology of food borne hazards
              4. Tumor microenvironment, immunity and intervention
              5. Genetics and environment interaction of complex diseases
              6. Mechanism and intervention of aging
              7. Bioinformatics and medical informatics
              8. Computational biology

              Candidate qualifications:
              1. Candidates at home and abroad are both encouraged to apply.
              2. Candidates must have significant research accomplishments in relevant research fields and be competent as a principal investigator or a technology leader: for example, international scientific research achievements, publication of high-quality scientific papers, mastery of key technologies, possess important patents, and so on.
              3. Candidate must abide by professional ethics, observe academic norms, and be honest and trustworthy.

              1. SINH will help the approved candidates to establish research groups by hiring research assistants, postdoctoral researchers and graduate students.
              2. SINH will provide special start-up scientific funds after evaluation.
              3. SINH will offer competitive salaries, nice temporary apartments and special housing allowances.

              Application materials:
              1. A curriculum vitae including education and work experiences, a list of publications, research achievements, future research interests and plans, and contact information;
              2. Three letters of recommendation, sent directly to SINH from referees;
              3. Full copies of three representative papers;
              4. Copies of certificates of employment and doctoral degree;
              5. Other documents if necessary.

              Contact Information:
              Mrs. MU Jing, Mrs. CHEN Jianhong
              Office of Personnel and Education, SINH
              No.320 Yueyang Road, Shanghai, 200031, P. R. China
              E-mail: jmu@sibs.ac.cn, chenjianhong@sibs.ac.cn
              Phone: +86-21-54920481, 54920027

              Contact Us
              • 86-10-68597521 (day)

                86-10-68597289 (night)

              • 86-10-68511095 (day)

                86-10-68512458 (night)

              • cas_en@cas.cn

              • 52 Sanlihe Rd., Beijing,

                China (100864)

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