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              Open Postdoctoral Position at the Kunming Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences

              Mar 19, 2020

              Centre for Mountain Futures group is affiliated with the Key Laboratory of Economic Plants and Biotechnology at the Kunming Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences (KIB/CAS). Over the last ten years, the team has established a foothold in southwest China, facing Southeast Asia, the Himalayas and other surrounding regions, placing the sustainable governance of fragile mountain ecosystems and plant resources at the heart of their endeavor. Through interdisciplinary research and integration, the group has achieved a series of important novel results in the ecological restoration of degraded mountainous areas as well as the development of plant resources and plateau-specific agriculture.  

              It has four main themes: botanical resources; restoration ecology; soil ecology; and ethnobotany. Current research team members possess a high degree of interdisciplinary complementarity.  

              The interdisciplinary nature of the team's work allows researchers to gain deep understandings of scientific issues and develop keen insights, leading to numerous international accolades. Its outstanding achievements have led to the team to winning second prize in the natural sciences category of Yunnan Province in 2013, again winning second prize in the natural sciences category of Yunnan Province in 2018 and first prize in resource science and technology at the national level in 2017. 

              To meet its research needs, the team is recruiting two postdoctoral researchers. Details are as follows: 

              A) Recruitment target and required position 

              1)     Position 1: major in organic chemistry or polymer chemistry (PhD); 

                     Position 2: major in genomics or molecular genetics or other related majors (PhD);  

              2)     Healthy, 35 years of age or younger; 

              3)     Applicants should be responsible and diligent team players who are also capable of working independently; 

              4)     Applicants should have expertise in their field, with an excellent publication record of high-level research papers in relevant journals as the main author; and 

              5)     Applicants must have strong English-language writing and communication skills. 

              B) Position responsibilities  

              Position 1: To conduct analytical study on biochemical degradation processes in organic polymer materials such as plastics; and 

              Position 2: To conduct genomic and transcriptome research, including gene mapping and functional gene annotation. 

              After selection, new employees will work alongside other team members to complete relevant research projects in accordance with the arrangement of the team leader. 

              C) Remunerations 

              1)     In accordance with the relevant institutional regulations, selected applicants will enjoy social insurance, a housing stipend and postdoctoral accommodations; and 

              2)     Assistance in applying for relevant talent-seeking grant programs in Yunnan Province for postdoctoral researchers and other research funds, as well as enjoying other related remunerations.  

              D) Recruitment process 

              Please refer to the postdoctoral recruitment process posted at the KIB website and submit the following relevant materials: (1) personal resume; (2) Motivation Letter (an English report on preliminary research foundation and self-introduction, approximately 1000 words); (3) copies of academic degrees and relevant qualification certificates (original copies shall be submitted for inspection during interview); (4) a list of all published academic papers and PDF full texts of 1-3 representative papers; (5) recommendation letters from 2-3 experts in relevant fields (one of them must be doctoral supervisor), which should include the names, mailing addresses, phone numbers and e-mails of the experts; and (6) photocopy of ID or passport. 

              If you are interested, please email the above material to: 

              XU Jianchu (co-adviser); Tel: 0871-65223014; Email: jxu@mail.kib.ac.cn  

              YIN Wen (organization and personnel department); Tel: 0871-65223006-801; Email: yinwen@mail.kib.ac.cn 


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